Gang Shooting

If you ever doubted my ‘Old Pat’ stories, here’s a little video to add to my street cred.  When I was about 19 two blood gangs started fighting at a warehouse party we were throwing and a guy started shooting into the crowd while I was filming. My friend Christian (aka. Meatball) was shot in both legs. Police swarmed the scene while another friend almost got in a fight outside, but you can only hear it because I stopped filming to break it up…Thug life.

One Step off the Narrow

    The day I grabbed a microwave meal out of an Albertsons freezer and stuffed it down my pants, is the day I realized I might have a problem. My father once told me, “This one time, I caught a guy stealing my guitar. I tackled him and choked him for fifteen minutes til’ the police came. You know something, that’s the worst thing you could be in this world—A God damn thief.” And that’s exactly what I had become. Continue reading