The Saints Cried with Her #3

The professional dancer went to mass on Sundays, and always tithed her ten percent. She knew all the saints by name; each had their own special prayer. When she lost her keys, she prayed, “St Anthony, St Anthony, please come around; something is lost and must be found.” When the keys were found between the couch cushions minutes later, it was evident the Saints listened.

She said a Hail Mary and kissed her left wrist before going to sleep, or driving drunk. During an overdose, the Madonna comforted the dancer as she trembled on a hotel floor and pressed the rosary to her throbbing chest. “If the Virgin showed compassion to Mary Magdalene, I know she’d do the same for me.”

When she bawled into her palms tears ran down the tattooed portraits, it looked like they were crying with her. She cried because it was so hard to live with The Virgin guiding her left hand and Marilyn leading the right.

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